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We hold general meetings that are open to the Graduate Center community in addition to other less formal discussions that focus on individual projects.

Upcoming New Media Lab General Meetings — Fall 2014

All meetings take place in the New Media Lab, room 7388.01.

Lab Schedule

The New Media Lab will be open through the summer, and currently appointed college assistants can work your allocated hours through the end of the fiscal year, June 30. Until the fall, the lab will not have an official station schedule. Please coordinate your working hours with the other NMLers assigned to your station on the spring schedule below. If your station is too busy, please speak to Joe.

Station Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
1 Windows 7: MatLab + ARCGis
2 Windows 7: ARCGis/Touchscreen
Peri Ozlem Yuksel-Sokmen (10-2)
Kevin Ambrose (noon-6)
3 Windows 7: ARCGis
Heather Spence (8:30-12:30)
Paddy Colligan (10-2)
Adam Davidson (noon-5)
4 iMac FCP
Sonia K. González (11-4)
Elsie Heung (10-2)
Sonia K. González (11-4)
Aídah R. Gil (9-2)
Dominique Zino (4-6)
Dominique Zino (4-6)
5 iMac
Emmanuel (Mani) Garcia (11-5)
Erin Wuebker (2:30-6)
Jeffrey Binder (2-5)
Erin Wuebker (2:30-6)
6 iMac 2012
Philip Kreniske (9:30-2)
Roz Myers (10-2)
Philip Kreniske (3-5)
7 Mac Pro
Andrew McKinney
8 Presentation
9 Windows 8 Touchscreen
10 iMac
Chad Cygan (9-noon)
Chad Cygan (9-noon)
Jared Simard (noon-3)
11 Laptop Station
Joshua Hajicek
12 Mac Pro
Joe Kirchhof
13 Large Scanner
Kimberly Belmonte (11-4)
Alice Lynn McMichael (noon-4)
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NML Station Schedule