NML Member Profile – Carolyn McDonough

Carolyn A. McDonough, NML Member

Name: Carolyn A. McDonough

GC Program/Level: MA, Digital Humanities 

Title of NML project: Points of Reference

Points of Reference aspires to be a digital pedagogical tool and research method for humanities content encountered in undergraduate Media Studies, specifically advertising, as an intervention in the Search / Browse dichotomy. P of R interrogates the dominance of Google Search supported by Critical Theory vis à vis The Frankfurt School and contemporary CT scholarship.

How has the NML helped you with your project (what resources have been provided/etc.): As a community of expertise in digital technology applications, navigation, forms, surveys, and most importantly, direct feedback on my project.

How has coronavirus impacted the work on your project: It has slowed down my research. 

Learn more about Carolyn’s work here: