Brian Schwartz / Physics


Brian Schwartz

The Graduate Center, CUNY
365 Fifth Avenue, Room 8309.03
(212) 817-7521

Brian B. Schwartz is currently professor of Physics and co-director of the New Media Lab at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York (CUNY). For the past twelve years he has also been associated with the American Physical Society and was director of the Societyís Centennial program in 1999, for which he was the producer of an artistic wall chart and Web site for a timeline entitled A Century of Physics. Support for the timeline project included Lucent Technologies, IBM, UPS, the National Science Foundation (NSF), the Department of Energy (DOE) and the Lounsbery Foundation. supported the timeline.

Dr. Schwartz obtained bachelors degree from City College of New York in 1959 and his doctorate degree from Brown University in 1963 under Prof. Leon Cooper (who won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1972) with a Ph.D. thesis on superconductivity. He was a postdoctoral in the solid-state materials group at Rutgers University for two years and then did research as a faculty member in the physics department at MIT and at the MIT Francis Bitter National Magnet Laboratory. At MIT and the Magnet Laboratory he had major research grants in the area of magnetic and superconducting materials development and testing from the NSF and DOE. In 1977 he was appointed Dean of Science, then promoted to Vice President for Research and Corporate Affairs at Brooklyn College. In the 1980s he was a founder and President of BioMagnetech Corporation, a start-up biotechnology company based on the technology of magnetic bacteria and their properties. The company licensed its technology to a major pharmaceutical corporation and obtained development grants from industry and the government. His current position as Vice President for Research and co-director of the New Media Lab includes the coupling of City University faculty and graduate student research with high technology industry for economic development in New York City and elsewhere. The newly established CUNY Institute for Software Design and Development with outreach programs to the software industry reports directly to Dr. Schwartz.

His research interests include superconductivity, magnetism, education, and the new media. He has published over 120 articles in refereed journals, edited or co-edited 8 books, awarded 2 patents, and has given hundreds of talks at meetings, colloquia and seminars. He has consulted for many high technology companies including IBM, Bell Laboratories, and Energy Conversion Devices. He recently completed an NSF grant; Action Physics for inner-city junior high school teachers based on the physics of sports and movement. His current NSF grant is to enhance and expand the career opportunities for Ph.D. students in the sciences into the world of commerce on Wall Street and Internet and media companies in New York City’s Silicon Alley. His current interest in media involves working with graduate students on simulation and visualization for materials research, the science of urban traffic problems and the use of the new media in education.