Reethee Madona Antony / Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences

Graduate Student Researcher
2011 – 2013

Project: Auditory Simulations
NML Award: The History and Public Health Award (January 2013)

Reethee Madona Antony

Reethee Madona Antony is a Ph.D. student in the Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences program at The Graduate Center, CUNY. She is a recipient of the CUNY Science Fellowship and a research assistant in the Auditory Evoked Potentials Lab directed by Dr. Brett Martin. Her research interests include neurophysiologic processing of speech in adverse conditions (noise & reverberation), and in auditory perception of simulated/actual hearing loss with/without hearing aids using cortical auditory evoked potentials (CAEPs). Through the New Media Lab, she is working to create auditory simulations of degraded speech signal. In addition, she is developing a program to simulate the digital signal processing (with emphasis on compression characteristics) of a hearing aid.