Federico Di Pasqua / Classics

Graduate Student Researcher
Started at the NML: October 2016

Project: Classics in Motion
NML Award: The Dewey Digital Teaching Award (April 2017)

Federico Di Pasqua

I am a Classics PhD candidate at City University of New York and a freelance journalist. I earned my Bachelor’s Degree at La Sapienza University in Rome and Master’s Degree at the Freie Universität in Berlin and had the privilege to develop my education in three linguistic and cultural framework.

During my Master’s I started publishing short-format articles and gathered a wide-ranging writing experience. Working as a blogger in Berlin and New York I acquired familiarity and expertise with online editing of WordPress and SEO. As a traditional journalist for local and national Italian newspapers, I have published articles, conducted interviews, and produced TV-reports.

Applying different approaches to the Classics led me to explore innovative methodologies regarding the study and research of the humanities. My academic interests cover, in particular, the issue of identity and the Ancient World and Roman ethics.

I’m currently working on several video projects that I intend to produce both for the academic world and the broader public. I believe that a cross-cultural and multidisciplinary approach is the best response to the needs of a rapidly changing society, academia, and public.