Monique Guishard / Social Personality Psychology

Graduate Student Researcher
September 2002 – December 2003

Monique Guishard is a third year Doctoral Candidate in the Social-Personality Psychology program. Ms. Guishard’s research focuses on understanding how materially disadvantaged African-American adolescents and their mothers develop social/critical consciousness of the achievement gap. More specifically understanding under what contexts does social critique develop and when is it more readily attached to the possibility of action from the perspective of the oppressed. Most recently this work was conducted as a participatory action oral history project in conjunction with Dr. Michelle Fine and the mothers and youth from Mothers On the Move/Madres en Movimiento, a social justice organization in the South Bronx dedicated closing disparities in education, health, and housing between poor and working class African American and Latino families and their wealthier, Whiter, neighbors to the north in District 8. As part of this work Ms. Guishard interned at the New Media Lab with Andre Pitanga and Andrea Vasquez and with the advice of members and youth, we crafted a website, as a gift to the organization.