The 15M process archives

Pedro Cabello del Moral, Latin American, Iberian, and Latino Cultures
Faculty Advisor: Paul Julian Smith

The 15M process archives

My project for the New Media Lab consists of a digital companion to my dissertation, whose focus is contemporary Spanish nonfiction films. In line with current trends in digital humanities, the digital component of my dissertation expands the written text through contextual and mapping tools. Furthermore, the digital part will provide additional insights beyond the scope and timeframe of the dissertation. Unlike the written dissertation, the digital companion will be a continually evolving project encompassing new examples and political debates as they arise.

This digital companion features a catalog of film bits from interviews with filmmakers and philosophers. These videos are thematically organized according to contemporary events and linked to movie excerpts from the authors’ works. The website will feature a visually attractive multifunctional blog with extra features that allow users to engage in complex ways. It will include a repository of videos organized primarily by themes, but which can be interactively reordered according to other search criteria. It will also incorporate a timeline tool with the possibility of linking pop-up videos, images and texts.

In my dissertation, I analyze a corpus of contemporary Spanish films that document an array of social movements in the wake of the 15M (or Indignados) Movement (2011-). My research involves three main areas: 1) Documentaries about coalition-building in the 15M movement, 2) Nonfiction films on decolonial and feminist critiques within the housing rights movement, and 3) Audiovisual discourses around work precarity, precarious bodies, and disability rights. Each of these areas will be represented in the digital companion,which will explore further the relationships between them through its interactive features.