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Marcos Wasem, Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Literatures and Languages
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Virtual Poetry Project

The Virtual Poetry Project is an online journal that showcases the ways contemporary poetry overcomes the limitations of the written text. As Brazilian poet Haroldo de Campos has pointed out, changes in technology and media have affected poetic expression throughout history. His own practice as a concretista poet emphasized the visual, plastic aspect of the written word. Today, with the appearance of several forms of digital art, poetry has been taken to new expressive dimensions that transform a “reader” into a viewer and listener as well. Technology offers new possibilities for poetic expression to become a more performative and engaging aesthetic artifact. The Virtual Poetry Project will connect artists and scholars around the world through web 2.0 technologies, building a web of resources and a network of people interested in these new forms of experimental poetry.

This is part of a perl poem by Graham Harwood. The script redistributes the world’s wealth.

# TODO: we need to seek algorithmic grit
# for the finely oiled wheels of capital.
# Perl Routines for the redistribution of the world’s wealth
# Take the cash from the rich and turn it into clean
# drinking water

# Constants
use constant SKINT => 0;
use constant TO_MUCH => SKINT + 1;
# This is an anonymous hash record to be filled with
# the Names and Cash of the rich

%{The_Rich} = {
	0 => {
		Name => '???',
		Cash => '???',