Student Application

The New Media Lab, located on the seventh floor of the CUNY Graduate Center, is a space where graduate students and faculty members from a wide range of disciplines come together to discuss and implement innovative applications of digital media to their research and teaching. The open layout of the Lab and the range of expertise of Lab participants foster constructive conversations that, in turn, promote unique opportunities for research, teaching and learning. Monthly meetings provide additional occasions for individuals, both closely and loosely affiliated with the Lab, to get to know one another, present their digital research projects for feedback, and to hear about the progress of others.

Graduate Center doctoral and master’s students are welcome to work at the New Media Lab on digital projects related to their research and/or teaching. The staff can provide conceptual direction and technical advice and assistance, but the New Media Lab is a collaborative environment where each participant commits to learning the skills and use of software necessary to independently accomplish her or his project goals.

Ways to participate