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Create your digital project related to your dissertation or academic research at the New Media Lab. Apply for a position by submitting the student application. Learn more about stipends and awards that are available to NML


Work with New Media Lab staff, the GC Digital Fellows, and student researchers on your new media project or research. Consider writing the facility into your research grant proposals. To begin, complete the faculty application.

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We hold general meetings that are open to the Graduate Center community in addition to other less formal discussions that focus on individual projects.

NML General Meetings — Fall 2018

All meetings take place in the New Media Lab, room 7388.01.

Lab Schedule

Station Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
1 Windows
Natalie O'Shea (10-1)
2 Windows
Scott W. Schwartz (11-1)
3 Windows
4 iMac
Anders Axel Wallace (9-12)
5 iMac
Peter D'Antonio (10-4)
Peter D'Antonio (10-4)
6 iMac
7 iMac
Anna-Alexis Larsson (10-2)
Anna-Alexis Larsson (1:30-5)
8 Presentation
9 Windows
10 iMac
11 Laptop Station
12 Student Advisor
Joe Kirchhof
Joe Kirchhof
Joe Kirchhof
13 iMac
Christina Katopodis (4:30-6:30)
Christina Katopodis (4:30-6:30)
14 iMac/Edit Room
NML Station Schedule