Andrew Lynch / Classics

Graduate Student Researcher
2009 – 2011

Project: Digital Humanities Course Design

Andrew Lynch

Andrew Lynch’s educational odyssey began at Michigan State University (Communications), and continued at New York University (Filmmaking), Fordham University (B.A. Religiopolitics in Antiquity), and the City University of New York (M.A. Landmarks in Western Thought). His recent doctoral certificate from the Graduate Center’s Interactive Technology Pedagogy certificate program has led to Andrew’s current project — an innovative digital humanities undergraduate course blending online collaborative commenting with “live” weekly seminar discussions.

His varied work along the way has included articles accepted for publication in Irish America (N. Ireland peace process) and Dirty Linen (world music) magazines, film appearances in The Deer Hunter and Spider-Man, and attributed research/writing on author Maxine Brady’s definitive, Bloomingdales. Andrew is currently adapting his own original screenplay into an historical novel set in 5th-century Roman Gaul.

An enthusiastic traveler and dual American-Irish (EU) citizen, Andrew plans to expand his current course project from its New York base to include multiple international cohorts collaborating simultaneously on a common wiki from distant academic enclaves around the English-speaking world.