Askia Egashira / Psychology

Graduate Student Researcher
June 2006 – 2007

Project: P.A.R.T. College Bridge Program

Askia Egashira

i graduated from san francisco state university in 1996 with a b.a. in broadcast and electronic communication arts, with a minor in black studies. i taught 7th and 8th grade in oakland, ca for 5 years, where we implemented service learning and participatory action research projects utilizing digital video production.

i graduated from nyu in 2002 with an m.a. in humanities and social thought. my master’s thesis was: “ELBOW ROOM: Urban Youth, Over-crowding in Housing Projects and Schools, the Psychology of Urban and Institutional Space, and the Cycle of Incarceration”

i am presently conducting my doctoral research examining the effects of crowding on urban adolescents in institutional settings like housing projects and schools. i also teach 10th grade honors english and ap english at benjamin banneker academy for community development in brooklyn. i also teach a course called “children in crisis” at brooklyn college.

in my spare time i walk and play with my dog, huey p. kitsune (japanese for “fox”) egashira. i also surf (during the summer only), and play drums in a funk-rock/hip hop band. my family resides in california, and i try to visit them at least twice a year, though i wish it could be more.