Beth Counihan / English

Graduate Student Researcher
2002 – 2005

Project: Mousepads and Memoirs

Beth Counihan

I am a student at the Graduate Center in the department of English and a full-time faculty member at Queensborough Community College. My field is Composition and Rhetoric –studying the act and the teaching of writing. I was introduced to the New Media Lab first by attending the CUNY Wired Conference in March 2002 and then again by participating in the Learning to Look faculty development program during the Summer of 2002. While I use the internet as a text in teaching writing and how to do research, I have yet to develop my technical skills so that I can develop online materials for teaching and other projects. My work here at the New Media Lab will give me those skills. I am looking forward to learning all I can to make my writing classroom a more exciting and vital place.