Christine Snyder / Theatre

Graduate Student Researcher
October 2019 – March 2020

Christine Snyder

I’m a fourth year Theatre and Performance PhD student at the CUNY Graduate Center.

My main research interests are in musical theatre, photography and visual theories, and popular theatre culture as national historiography. My current focus is on conflicting and competing historiographies of the U.S. American Civil War and Reconstruction, as reproduced through popular — particularly, musical — theatre. I am currently utilizing the Omeka database system as a depository for personal research on the musical, Shenandoah, in various historical iterations, including the 2019 revival at the Serenebe Playhouse in Serenbe, GA. This included a “living history” camp and battle enactment that I have also documented. I am completing this project as a part of the Graduate Center’s Interactive Technology and Pedagogy certificate program. I also hold a certificate in film studies.

I currently teach World Theater 2 and Gender and U.S. Theater at Hunter College and the History of Musical Theater online through Lehman College.