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Visiting Researcher

Dagny Stuedahl

Dr. Dagny Stuedahl, a colleague of Joan Greenbaum (Environmental Psychology, emerita) and Senior Research and Director of Nordic Network in Designing Digital Cultural Heritage (University of Oslo), was at the Graduate Center for the month of April and spent some time at the New Media Lab. She presented some of her work on “Nordic approaches to participatory cultural heritage enhanced by digital media”. Dr. Stuedahl has an extensive interdisciplinary background in studying museums with a special focus on youth. At the end of her stay in NYC, she wrote the below notes on how she had spent her research time:

I would like to share with you some of what I have done during my stay, and the contributions people here have made that I will bring back with me to the University of Oslo:

Talks I have given

In each of the following I have been inspired by the responses and important questions raised by participants:

Events I have participated in

These events have been intellectual stimulating and have offered interdisciplinary pedagogical approaches to a context-based educational thinking:

Some people I have met with

These more informal conversations have offered me the chance to get and share a more in depth understanding of research practices related to youth and education:

I also met with the coordinators of the American Social History Project and discussed common issues of digital history projects in schools and issues raised by digital storytelling in relation to oral history in general.

I bring back to Norway:

All of this has given me very valuable inspiration on the continuation of ongoing research activities related to youth participation in the urban history project that I have presented.

In Oslo I participate among other, in a research group called TRANSACTION, in the Faculty of Educational Sciences, ( and the discussions on critical youth studies here, I will share with colleagues there.

In addition to the papers that people have given me, I am carrying in my suitcase reminders of my stay, such as Cindy Katz’s Growing up Global: Economic Restructuring and Children’s Everyday Lives and Julio Cammarota and Michelle Fine (Eds) Revolutionizing Education: Youth Participatory Action Research in Motion.

I look forward to coming back for the next period of my visiting research stay in October 2012.

Thank you so much!

Best regards

Dagny Stuedahl
Faculty of Education
University of Oslo
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