Davine Sorapuru-Edwards / Anthropology

Graduate Student Researcher
Started at the NML: November 2019

Project: Queer Intimacies: Homonormative Online Dating
NML Award: The Data Analysis and Visualization Award (June 2021)

Davine Sorapuru-Edwards

Davine Sorapuru-Edwards is a Linguistic Anthropology PhD student at the CUNY Graduate Center. His research investigates the language ideologies, and the multifunctionality and indexicality of language used in religious and secular dating profiles. With an academic background in Religious Studies and Digital Media & Design, his research broaches a critical exploration of affect, algorithmic bias, digital identity, language use, language and gender/sexuality, media affordances, media ideologies, (hyper)masculinity, and “passing” as they relate to homonormative online dating.