Di Yoong / Critical Social Personality Psychology

Graduate Student Researcher
Started at the NML: October 2019

Projects: Community building on Gab; High-Value Men and Alt-Right Women; Podcast Production in an Undergraduate Classroom
NML Award: The Dewey Digital Teaching Award (June 2021)

Di Yoong

Di Yoong is currently a graduate student in the Critical Social/Personality and Environmental Psychology (CS/PEP) at CUNY Graduate Center (GC). Broadly, their work is on understanding the relationality between systems of oppression (e.g. racism, homo-|trans-phobia) and the individual. Some of their previous work include looking at histories and archives of queer Asians in North America alongside conducting oral history interviews with those who identified as such. Currently, they are exploring formations of community within the social media platform, Gab, and the discourses that support such community building. Utilizing network analysis they are hoping to understand the ways (dis/mis)information are disseminated and shared. Outside of academia, they are busy with creating a digital webspace for queer Asians in North America (hopefully broader!), and exploring the binaries that seem to divide academic work production and creative work.