Einat Manoff / Environmental Psychology

Graduate Student Researcher
September 2009 – 2012

Projects: Counter-Mapping Return; Urban Assignment

Einat Manoff

Einat Manoff is an urban designer and currently a student in the Environmental Psychology Ph.D. program at the Graduate Center. Her research interests include: the politics of space, urbanism within ‘states of emergency’, generative utopias, exploring issues of Internal Displacement and refugees through the perspectives offered by urban planning. Until recently, Einat had worked as senior editor for Tel-Aviv based Block Magazine (a journal of contemporary thought on architecture, urbanism, art and media). She curated various exhibitions that incorporate video art and new media and has practiced architecture and urban design in various firms and formats. One mentionable project, Project New Orleans, is research and design work done in New Orleans and Biloxi post hurricane Katrina (2005-2006) under the direction of Prof. Michael Sorkin, at the Masters of urban design program, City College, CUNY. Einat teaches in the Department of Urban Affairs and Planning at Hunter college.