Fatmir Haskaj / Sociology

Graduate Student Researcher
2001 – 2004

Fatmir Haskaj

I first came to the New Media Lab as a student in the Ph.D. program in Sociology. At the New Media Lab I worked as web designer for the College and Community Fellowship Program. After completing my work for CCF, I had the fortune of being invited by Andrea Vasquez, to continue pursuing my own work. The New Media Lab has been an absolute blessing of support, resources and creativity. The interdisciplinary, technically savvy and creatively invigorating environment has pushed my own interests and work in new and interesting directions. My current project is the exploration of cyberspace and science fiction, and how the two intersect to form and create or reveal social and political trends. My point of departure begins with science fiction and its formulation of the new breed of cyborg. One that goes beyond past visions of the human and the machine artificially combined, to the idea and reality of a real synthesis of the human and the machine. My site is currently in the works, and will ultimately be a virtual library of resources and visions of our not too distant future, or, as some would argue, our current reality.