Joshua Hajicek / Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences

Graduate Student Researcher
July 2013 – August 2016

Project: Software Tools for Otoacoustic Emission Measurement
NML Awards: The History and Public Health Award (March 2014), The New Media Lab Digital Dissertation Award (April 2014)

Joshua Hajicek

Under the guidance of Dr. Glenis Long I am pursuing my doctorate in cochlear mechanics. As a life long North Indian Classical musician, I deeply understand the need to better understand noise induced hearing loss, the pain it brings, and its early detection. It is my sincerest hope to contribute, in some small way, to this understanding. I also hold a M.S. in Signal Processing and Project Management and a B.S. in Electrical Engineering. My goal in the New Media Lab is to develop software that can be used to measure and analyze otoacoustic emissions (sounds that originate in the inner ear) in novel ways.