Kimberley Alvarado / Art History

Graduate Student Researcher
September 2007 – 2009

Project: Artistic Exchange

Kimberley Alvarado

I am currently a doctoral student in the art history program at The Graduate Center, CUNY. My art historical interests currently lie with Flemish, Spanish, and Colonial Latin American art during the sixteenth century, specifically artistic exchange. My web technology interests lie in exploring, learning, and cultivating skills in CSS,XHTML, AJAX, web accessibility/usability, and content/file management. I have worked in the web technology industry as a web designer, web graphic designer, and developer of web applications using Adobe Dreamweaver since the late 1990s and had started a web services business in 2000. I am excited to see how these technological skills will crossover with my art historical research especially how I will use them in the classroom. I am currently enamored with any Google apps I can get my hands on.