Kimberly Belmonte / Critical Social Personality Psychology

Graduate Student Researcher
September 2013 – December 2015

Project: Marilyn Gittell Digital Archive

Kimberly Belmonte

Kimberly Belmonte is a doctoral student in the Critical Social Personality Psychology program at the Graduate Center, CUNY. Her research interests involve the transformation of injustice through documentation and (re)imagining resistance, and the intersections of scholarship and activism. Her work centers on the policing of adolescent bodies—the processes of “surveillance” or how norms, policies and practices create boundaries around acceptable behaviors and bodies. She is also interested in participatory and qualitative methodologies, including the use of archives as a way to understand movements and lives.

Her current project with the New Media Lab is the construction of The Marilyn Gittell Digital Archive and exhibitions. The digital archive will honor Marilyn Gittell’s contributions to the public school reform and community control movements of the 1960a, focusing on her scholarship about the people, politics and possibilities of educational justice in New York City.