Marianne Madoré / Sociology

Graduate Student Researcher
Started at the NML: September 2019

Project: The Central Intelligence Agency and CUNY: Empire, Knowledge Production, and the University

Marianne Madoré

I am a doctoral candidate in Sociology at the Graduate Center. In my research and through my teaching, I wish to understand how regimes of oppression are being normalized and left unquestioned. To follow Katherine McKittrick’s words in “Plantation Futures”, I am interested in our “collective participation in and rhetorical commitment to reproducing this system as though it is natural and inevitable.” I use critical pedagogy, feminist thought, and abolitionist frameworks to study racial capitalism, borders and deportations, imperialism, the military industrial complex and our university.

I am fortunate to teach and learn from student at Brooklyn College, in the department of Sociology and the Women’s and Gender Studies Program, where I also develop Open Educational Resources. I am a member of the Social Anatomy of a Deportation Regime (SADR).