Paul Riker / Music

Graduate Student Researcher
2006 – 2009

Paul Riker

Paul is a Chancellor’s Fellow pursuing a Ph.D. in Music Composition. His interests include experiments with computer-simulated real-world environments, interactive electronic music, and overtone studies. His work with overtones combined with visual media,

At the New Media Lab, my aim is to reconstruct Effluvium with dynamic video using MAX/MSP/Jitter. The frequency, spatial location and amplitude of each of 32 partials will be visually represented in real-time using three-dimensional modeling. The new multimedia work will supply the perceiver with the added dimension of sight, allowing for a more thorough experience of this interesting sonic process.

My recent works have been featured at the Florida Electracoustic Music Festival, the SCI region II conference, the American Composers’ Alliance Festival,, the Flea Theatre, Uncle Ming’s (NYC), and the NYC Downtown Film Festival. Some recent awards include the George Perle Award in composition, the Herbert Sukoff Award in composition, and the Simeo J. Gallo music scholarship. Paul earned an M.A. in composition from Queens College, CUNY, where he studied with Jeff Nichols, Bruce Saylor and Hubert Howe.