Rob Collins / Mathematics

Graduate Student Researcher
2006 – 2007

Project: Wavelength

Rob Collins

Rob Collins has held composer/performer positions in various ensembles and genres: Rock (Brother Meat – Bass); Trip-Hop (Makka Sleuth – Bass); Progressive Metal (Syzygy – Guitar/Vocals); Jazz (Chairman Mouse – Piano); Modern Chamber Music (BCF Trio – Percussion/Piano/Electronics) as well as various Gamelan Groups. Currently, he resides in New York and is the pianist for the new music ensemble “Slow Six.” Rob also spent eight years as an accompanist and composer for the Cornell University Dance Program. His interests in Computer Science led him to work as a consultant in Cornell’s Computer Science Department and study Algorithmic Composition with David Cope and Paul Nauert. Degrees include a B.A. in Performance & Music Education from Ithaca College; an M.A. in Composition from UC Santa Cruz and current work on a Ph.D. in Music Composition from CUNY Graduate Center. Rob’s works have had performances on the stages of Cornell’s Schwartz Center for the Performing Arts, Barton Hall, Recital Hall at UC Santa Cruz, CBGB’s (NYC), The Haunt (Ithaca), several other houses of libation, and a recent award from the Sejong Cultural Society will take his “Jindo Arirang for Cello and Piano” to Ganz Hall in Chicago. Grants for overseas musical research have taken him to Indonesia and the Republic of Korea.