Samwell Freeman / Computer Science

Graduate Student Researcher
2011 – December 2013

Project: WeLike2Draw

Samwell Freeman

Samwell Freeman (computer science), works with electricity. He seeks a starry synthesis of the mysterious speedy electron and the soft slow human. Studying obsolete technology Freeman explores our potential lives as elderly cyborgs. Many of his works are platforms for creativity that facilitate virtual drawing using sensors like gyroscopes and joysticks. His New Media Lab project welike2draw, exploits the networking and recursive capabilities of computers to help people create dynamic animations and visual mash ups.

Alongside his software development, Freeman has been engineering a suite of hardware tools for creative expression. His work on those open-source electronics projects are documented at LucidTronix. LucidTronix is a collaboration between artists and engineers, who are seeking to make circuit board design more visually engaging and intuitive. LucidTronix’ printed circuit boards are silk-screened with intricate patterns and carved into unique shapes meant to evoke the function of the circuit.

Freeman has exhibited at the New Museum Ideas Festival, Maker’s Faire, Figment Detroit, Seton Hall University, New York University, Flux Factory, Burning Man, and Dorkbot NYC. Always interactive his work takes shape as devices, applications, videos, performances, drawings, and conversations. His portfolio website is: