Silvia Rivera Alfaro / Latin American, Iberian, and Latino Cultures

Graduate Student Researcher
Started at the NML: February 2022

Project: Mapping the voices in 'Ni Una Menos' by Rebeca Lane

Silvia Rivera Alfaro

Silvia Rivera Alfaro is a third-year student in the Latin American, Iberian and Latino Cultures department at The Graduate Center (CUNY) and a member of the group of Glottopolitics. She co-leads Indisciplinadxs: Feminist Linguistics, a Spanish-speaking activist, learning, and research community. Currently, she is preparing to write a dissertation on multimodal expressions of feminist identity in the Spanish-speaking Americas from a glottopolitical perspective. She has a master’s degree in Linguistics and her bachelor’s degree in Spanish Philology at the University of Costa Rica. Silvia has taught at Hunter College and the University of Costa Rica.