wendy barrales / Urban Education

Graduate Student Researcher
Started at the NML: February 2021

Project: Women of Color Archive (WOCArchive)
NML Award: The Social Justice Award (June 2021)

wendy barrales

Wendy Barrales (she, her, ella) is an Ethnic Studies teacher, scholar-activist, and founder of the WOCArchive. As a first-gen Xicana and daughter of formerly undocumented immigrants, she works to center her family’s stories in her research, community organizing, & classroom. She has spent the last 10+ years as a public school educator learning alongside young women of color & gender expansive youth in the Bronx and Brooklyn, with a focus on justice based education and the power of storytelling through art. Wendy’s multimodal doctoral research explores the intersections of gender, race, and art through visual testimonios within a WOC centered high school Ethnic Studies course. Currently, she works on preserving & amplifying the stories of our sisters, abuelitas & aunties through the Women of Color Archive (@wocarchive), an art-based intergenerational storytelling project preserving the stories of matriarchs of color. This project began in 2016 with a single interview of her abuelita Aída’s life in rural Veracruz, and has grown into a digital platform that houses multiple projects created by former students & community members of all ages. WOCArchive is a growing project and is currently accepting submissions. For more information visit: