Black Sea Fish and Mollusca

Antonia M. Santangelo, Anthropology
Faculty Advisor: Alexander Bauer
Project Website: Black Sea Fish and Mollusca
NML Award: The New Media Lab Digital Dissertation Award (April 2013)

In the New Media Lab, I am using Omeka to design a website for the Black Sea Fish and Mollusca Project.

This is a multimedia home for my physical comparative collection of fish skeletons and mollusc shells from the Black Sea (coastal regions of Bulgaria, Turkey, Romania, Ukraine, Russia and Georgia) and a place for online, topical exhibitions related to my dissertation research. Having this reference material available digitally will not only aid my own faunal analysis work in Turkey, but it will also assist zooarchaeologists around the world who are interested in this region. Eventually I will use open source GIS software (to map fish migration paths and possible ancient trade routes) and incorporate 3-D scanning technology (for virtual specimen models) into my site. Ultimately, other researchers will be able to contribute to the virtual museum, by submitting their own images and scans.

A facebook group: Black Sea Fish and Mollusca Research and a twitter account: @BlackSeaFishes were established to encourage dialogue concerning my virtual collection and overall Black Sea research.

The Black Sea Fish and Mollusca Project is a companion to the WordPress website I created in the New Media Lab for the Sinop Regional Archaeological Project. SRAP is a collaborative, interdisciplinary archaeological research project directed by Dr. Owen Doonan of California State University-Northridge and Alexander Bauer of Queens College of the City University of New York. My SRAP research is focused on assessing the importance of fishing in the interregional economies surrounding the Black Sea and investigating the impacts of climate change and human fishing over time on the fish stocks and species diversity in the Black sea coastal region of Sinop, Turkey.


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