City of Print

Paul Fess, English

City of Print

This is a collaborative project in support of the NEH-funded summer institute “City of Print.”

Like serials themselves, the history of publishing in New York can be read as a “continuing story,” with periodicals and their contents representing the diverse, shifting cultural politics of the city itself. Disparate voices of New York’s periodical press contended for the attention of various reading communities, relying on an extensive network of workers and the latest in printing technologies that only New York’s vast resources and talent pool could often provide. This project examines this archive and explores both the influence of place on publications and the influence of these publications on place.

Sessions for this institute will be held across New York City including New York City College of Technology, Baruch College, John Jay College, The Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, and the New-York Historical Society.

Faculty: Joshua Brown, Peter Conolly-Smith, Suzanne W. Churchill, Vincent Digirolamo, Jeffrey Drouin, David M. Earle, Daniel Kane, Catherine Keyser, Adam D. McKible, Mark Noonan, Sandra Roff, Karen Roggenkamp, and Janice Simon.