Electro-Mechanical Modeling of the Human Middle Ear

Maryam Naghibolhosseini, Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences
Faculty Advisor: Glenis Long
Project Website: Electro-Mechanical Modeling of the Human Middle Ear

MaryamProject-page-imageThe sound that you hear travels through outer and middle ear toward your inner ear and finally will be carried to your brain so you will hear the sound. Therefore, the sound is affected by the characteristics of the middle ear. To see how the middle ear works and affects the sound signals, modeling techniques will be utilized. Such simulation and modeling will be done by developing programs in MATLAB.

The outcomes of this project are potentially useful in clinics. Hearing screening tools can be developed by the use of information on how the middle ear affects the sound signals. A better understanding of such impacts would be potentially useful in diagnosing pathologies of inner or middle ear origin.