VisDepot: An Introductory Resource for Data Visualization

Nicole Cote, English
Faculty Advisor: Matthew Gold
NML Award: The Dewey Digital Teaching Award (March 2021)

VisDepot: An Introductory Resource for Data Visualization

VisDepot is an open educational resource (OER) for those who want to learn data visualization. It is an introductory, curated and vetted, repository of tools, concepts, and tutorials for visualization. It is introductory in that it assumes no prior data or visualization knowledge, but can be useful for those with experience as well. Centering resources that are free and open, the goal is to point newcomers to helpful material for getting started in the visualization field (including how to source, manipulate, and visualize data), and to offer those more experienced with a broader sense of where to look for more freely available information.

Additional Awards and Recognition for this Project:

NYCDH Digital Humanities Graduate Student Project Award 1st Prize, 2021
Provost’s Digital Innovation Implementation Grant, 2019-2020