Chris Alan Sula / Philosophy

Graduate Student Researcher
2007 – 2008

Project: Phylo

Chris Alan Sula

Chris Alen Sula is a Provost’s Fellow and a doctoral student in philosophy at the CUNY Graduate Center. His research interests concern individuals’ interaction with each other and the world—how we think and talk about (ideal) actions, what those actions (might) consist in, and how we (would) understand and explain them. These topics are reflected in his dissertation work with Catherine Wilson, which defends a noncognitivist account of moral thought and talk. He is an adjunct lecturer at Lehman College, CUNY and a member of the doctoral certificate program in Interactive Technology and Pedagogy. Through the New Media Lab, he and David Morrow are working to create a research tool that displays connections between individuals, institutions, and ideas in the history of recent philosophy.