Chris Alan Sula, Philosophy

David Morrrow, Philosophy

Project Website: Phylo


About the Phylosophy Project

Phylo explores the origins of contemporary philosophy by looking at historical relationships between individuals, institutions, and ideas. These relationships are contained in a user-maintained database and rendered using data visualization tools. In fall 2009, Phylo launched a user-annotated catalog of job openings in academic philosophy that enables job seekers to share and gain information about the market.

Phylo was created by David Morrow and Chris Alen Sula in thePhD/MA Program in Philosophy and the New Media Lab at The Graduate Center of the City University of New York.

Additional information is available in “An Introduction to Phylo.”The Phylosophy Project Blog contains ongoing discussion of the project, including project updates and a user forum.

Display Concepts

We are currently working on several ways to display our data.

phylo_icon_netmapnetMap focuses on relationships between people, places, and ideas. Each object is displayed as a node in a network of interconnections. netMap reveals social, intellectual, and citation networks across the history of philosophy.

phylo_icon_chronomapchronoMap charts people, places, and ideas according to time. Timelines and charts allow users to view multiple searches on the same graph. chronoMap tracks trends across the the history of philosophy.

phylo_icon_geomapgeoMap plots people, places, and ideas in physical space. Data appears as individual points, as well as distributions across geographic areas. geoMap charts changing locations across the history of philosophy.


We are currently working with a range of open-source and free technologies to implement Phylo.