Claudia Pisano / English

Graduate Student Researcher
2008 – 2009

Project: Renegade Poetic America

Claudia Pisano

I am a doctoral student in English at the CUNY Graduate Center. My focus is in 20th century American poetics and politics, with a concurrent interest in textual scholarship. My research looks at how poetics not only intersect with politics but how poetry is itself political. I have studied with Ammiel Alcalay from nearly the very beginning of my time at the Graduate Center, culminating now with my dissertation, which will be a fully edited and annotated book of presently unpublished letters between poets Edward Dorn and Amiri Baraka. In the past several years I have taught as an adjunct lecturer at several CUNY colleges, worked for various activist and poetry non-profit organizations, and edited a small arts-centered magazine.