Elizabeth Watson / Art History

Graduate Student Researcher
2005 – 2005

Projects: The Architecture of Julio Vilamajó; Reimagining what it means to be Black in US: Family cultural socialization practices that shape racial identities among diverse young adults
NML Award: The Social Justice Award (February 2019)

Elizabeth Watson

Elizabeth A. Watson is a student in the Art History program at the Graduate Center. Her major field of study is 20th century architecture and urbanism. Her research in urbanism has focussed on affordable housing and bridges. Other topics of interest include representations of cities in film, environmental considerations, and inter-American cultural relations.

At the New Media Lab, Elizabeth plans to exploit interactive technologies to create architectural maps of Montevideo. Her prior experience with media software included learning drafting programs for civil engineering applications as an undergraduate. Her professional experience included field work and report drafting for environmental projects in California, Oregon, and Guadalajara, Mexico.

In 2005 she continues work on her dissertation in Uruguay under a Fulbright grant.