Nga Than / Sociology

Graduate Student Researcher
Started at the NML: January 2019

Project: Platform Mediated Labor Management: Uber and Amazon Mechanical Turk Workers’ Experience

Nga Than

Nga Than is a Ph.D student in the Sociology program at the CUNY Graduate Center. Her research interests are in digital economies, work, immigration, and automation. She is in the process of writing a dissertation proposal, focusing on how technological advancement changes work relations in contemporary work place. At the New Media Lab, she is working on a collaborative research project which examines the ways in which digital workers talk about their work experience online. She will employ machine learning techniques in text processing to analyze the forum discussion data. Specifically, she and her collaborator will use sentiment analysis to look at how workers express their work experience. She is currently teaching at City College of New York. She was born and raised in Vietnam, then moved to the U.S. for higher education. She is fluent in Vietnamese, English, German, as well as conversant in Chinese.