Yuri Artemov / Physics

Graduate Student Researcher
September 1998 – May 2003

Project: Vortex

Yuri Artemov

At the New Media Lab, I work on visualization of vortices in superconductors (Vortex project) and also as a webmaster of the NML Web site (please, feel free to send me your comments).

During the last three years, I have been studying at CUNY on Physics Department. A year ago I met with my Ph.D. thesis advisor, Prof. Brian Schwartz, and started to work for the New Media Lab. For me, it is a great opportunity to work on the best equipment and software available, in the creative atmosphere of interdisciplinary collaboration.

My work at NML strongly correlates with my study. Working on my Ph.D. thesis titled “Vortex Dynamics in Type II Superconductors”, I use NML computers not only to perform complex calculations of vortices, but also to visualize them in an easy to view and understand way. This is where computers are great, allowing us to see the dynamics of complex phenomena in a 3-dimensional view, making science understandable “for the rest of us”. As digital revolution unfolds, scientific visualization becomes the new media of science, and I am glad to be in the middle of it.