Ashley Marinaccio, Theatre
Faculty Advisor: Jean Graham-Jones (Theatre and Performance)
Project Website: Docbloc
NML Award: The New Media Lab Digital Dissertation Award (March 2022)

Docbloc was founded in 2021 by Ash Marinaccio with the mission of experimenting with documentary form and bringing together artists working across documentary genres for conversation and collaborations in live performance. Founded as the public humanities and outreach component to Ash’s dissertation project, Docbloc believes in the power of documentary storytelling and that solidarity is created when artistic movements are connected and collaborations are fostered.
Docbloc exists:
– to experiment with documentary form and bring together artists working across documentary genres in theatre, photography, film for conversation and collaborations in live performance
– to explore intersections between theatre, lived experiences, and journalism
– to build a community of multi-disciplinary artists working across documentary genres
– to create documentary work across platforms, in-person and online
– to use multiple techniques to capture and tell stories in order to portray the complexities of lived experiences
– to work in partnership with communities in bringing live performance to spaces where it is not often used as a tool for activism
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View the trailer below to see “20 Years Later,” Docbloc’s first full-length production. “20 Years Later” is a documentary theatre performance created from testimonies and interviews with people aged 20 and under exploring what they have been taught about September 11, 2001. The play is comprised of testimonies from young people, and those who were teenagers on September 11, 2001 investigating what it means to be the “post 9-11 generation”.