The Simplicity Archive

Laurie Hurson, Environmental Psychology
Faculty Advisor: Susan Seagert
Project Website: The Simplicity Archive

The Simplicity Archive

As a grad student at the City University of New York, I am interested in connecting with people who are engaging in simple living lifestyles. I am hoping to better understand the motivations and perceptions of people who have chosen to live simply. I have started this website and blog in order to spread awareness about my project and I hope that it will help me connect with people who are living simply. Because simple living doesn’t happen in one place by one type of person, I felt that the Internet would be a good medium to try and reach out and connect with people who are living simply in disparate places.

So far I have been lucky enough to talk to several people who decided to live simply. They were all at different parts of their journey and everyone had a different view about what living simply entailed. These different opinions about simplicity and simplifying were welcome and part of the reason I am motivated to learn more. I know simple living looks different for everyone, which is why every story is so important and enlightening. I hope that through this blog I can generate knowledge about my project and connect me with others who would like to share their simple living stories.

I have been working on this website and trying to locate simple living resources online. I was aware of the Simple Living Network at the beginning of my research/journey but that was about it. Upon further exploration it seems like there is a lot out there. I have found websites on almost everything, ranging from simple parenting to minimalist living to off-the-grid lifestyles and even people who have gone on “shopping diets”. And this is just the beginning. Even though all of these seem like different practices, it seems like they are all attempting to engage and enact similar ideas about how to make our lives simpler. I am looking forward to exploring the simple living world online and hope it will help me connect with people who can shed more light on what it means to live simply.

Over the course of this project and through this blog, I hope to share my thoughts and questions about simple living and incorporate all these online resources and news articles I find related to simple living.

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